Blissful Massages

Jan 30, 2012 by

Carla & Lupita from Mayan MassageWe quickly discovered a wonderful Massage Studio here in Mazatlan, in the tourist area called the Golden Zone.

The studio is called Mayan Massage and we’ve been hooked ever since our first visit!

Similar to North American massage rooms, they have a standard massage bed with linens, quiet peaceful music playing in the background and trained massage therapists.

There are many massage therapists working out of the studio, and you can request a specific person each time. James and I don’t – we let ourseelves be in the mystery!Mayan Massage - couples massage room

The rooms are comfy and although some of the linens and towels are sometimes a little worn (by back-home standards), it is a blissful and wonderful hour of relaxation. We have gotten in the habit of indulging weekly and our body thanks us for it. A 1 hour massage at Mayan Massage  is $150 pesos (150 / 13 = $11.54 + tip).

If you come to visit us, I do recommend a massage as one of the “must do” activities while you are here!

The picture above is of the two massage therapists that we most often get – Carla and Lupita.

“Thanks, ladies! See you again next week!”