Exotic Imports & Purging Regrets

Mar 23, 2012 by

www.JamesAndShilo.comFrom Shilo’s laptop on Friday, March 23rd…

For the most part, we don’t “miss” much – “stuff” wise – from back home. We packed well and have most of what we need here with us. It was when our friends, John and Kathleen, from Vancouver called and told us they were considering moving down to Mazatlan as well, we got excited. And started reflecting.

 * What did we miss from Canada and why?
* What did we bring that we’re glad we did?
* What did we bring that we wished we had left at home or gotten rid of?  (Nothing!)
* What did we get rid of that we wished we hadn’t? You’d be surprised…!
* What have we had friends bring down for us from back home…? (Darlene, I know you are giggling at that one!)

A few Creature Comforts from Canada…special delivery!

{that either we cannot get here at all, or what’s available here in Mazatlan is nothing like what we had in Calgary}

This is the list of what we have had friends and family stash in their suitcases for us on their way down!


Q-Tips! Those are one of my big luxeries that we had imported – thank you, my dearest sister, for coming to my rescue and bringing these down with you this month! I am in heaven. They have cotton swabs here, but they are lacking in the cotton part and my ears were wimpering in dismay until Kim’s emergency rations arrived.

Kirkland Sea Salt & Tellicherry Black Pepper Grinders – salt and pepper don’t shake out “normally” here given the higher humidity levels.

Denta-Stix Dog Treats – Dogs are not as well-loved here in Mexico as they are in Canada and the US. There are much higher levels of poverty here and owning a pet (another mouth to feed) is a luxery that many, many people cannot afford. By extension, having a dog is a social status indicating that you & your family are affluent enough to be able to afford to feed and take care of the dog. Hence, why small dogs (like Chiwawas) are so poplar down here! But, as a result it is more challenging then I thought to find dog treat and toys for larger dogs. And, given it is a third world country with the above considerations, the qulaity of the dog food is not that same as home.

www.JamesAndShilo.comIsagenix protein bars, fibre snacks, energy drinks & moisturizing creams – Fortunately, Isagenix is open in Mexico. However only a limited number of products are avaiable here since it is so new to the Mexican market (and Isagenix is really good about following the government’s regulations, thankfully). But, that means that lots of our favorites we cannot get down here. Bars, Energenix (drinks) and sunscreen and moisturizer to name just a few. What can we say… we are spoiled!

 Some of the things we brought and are especially glad we did…

Blankets and our comforter for our bed.

Memory foam – Mexican beds are notoriously hard!!

Our Costco 5-cordless phone set – we plug our Magic Jack into a laptop and then plug the phone set into the Magic Jack. This means great phone connection to anywhere in US or Canada for only $60/year including a dedicated Calgary phone #.

Flip flops and sun glasses – I wear them everywhere!

James spent a fair amount of time preparing all of our documents and organizing them in an accordian-like file folder, plus making copies of anything and everything he could think of (or read about in the online reviews). This has been a blessing many times over.

What We Did Not Bring but Wished We Had…

There was very little that we left behind but missed once we arrived here in Mazatlan. Two things only.

1. was my crock pot (slow cooker).

2. was our plastic 3-drawer organizational unit (from Walmart).

Both I bought at the Walmart here in Mazatlan shortly after we unpacked and got settled!

Ever a learning process. Always a fun adventure. And the journey continues. Next, we will be looking at what to pack and keep down here and what goes into the Durango on the trip back to Canada!!LOL