A Winter Wonderland

Mar 29, 2012 by

www.JamesAndShilo.com From Shilo’s laptop on Thursday morning…

After my post last week about what works, what we miss and what got left behind, I was reminded about a couple more things I am grateful to have here in Mazatlan, even though it didn’t make a ton of sense to me when I was packing them…

Sweatshirts – for those chilly, over-cast days or cool evenings once the sun goes down – especially during the winter months. Not so much in the spring & summer (it gets hot here and humid here!); although they ARE needed for when we are driving back to Canada – lots of places will still have snow on the ground &/or cooler temperatures when we drive through! I had not thought of that at the time I was originally packing to come down here.

Fuzzy socks – more creature comforts for those moments when I just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea (and for those cool evenings again!)

Slippers – most places here have tile floors. Which are cold!! James wears slippers all the time and loves them. Not only do they keep his feet warm, they keep them much cleaner – especially compared to my feet after a day wearing flip flops! Regular foot baths & pedicures are my friend here on the beach.

Hot tea – jasmine tea for comfort and for my video Skype calls with Susan, earl grey for energy, roibois for everyday fun!  Totalitea in the Calgary Farmer’s Market continues to be my favorite supplier thus far. If you go, say hi to Dave from us!

Although we have been very blessed this year with a mild winter, cold ones are in the not-so-distant memories of everyone here in Mazatlan. Last year the city experienced record lows in February. Space heaters (a rare item at best) were extremely difficult to find. Impossible to find by the time most people realized they needed them.

School was cancelled because the kids do not have winter coats and were freezing while sitting in their desks in the open-air classrooms. People would run their gas stoves to heat thier homes, or at least the kitchen of the house where many would camp out. The concrete homes here are hard to warm up and none of the houses here have central heating.

So, although we do not have cold, minus 20/30/40 degree spells, I do love many of the same creature comforts of winter here in Mazatlan. So, on those cold, wintry snow-filled days in Calgary (or wherever you are!) know that I am enjoying similar warm fuzzies ~ just on the beach in Mexico instead. {cheeky smiles}