Changing of the Tides

Mar 19, 2012 by

www.JamesAndShilo.comFrom Shilo’s laptop on Monday night…

I know, I know. I have been slacking in my blogging duties for several weeks… {cough, cough} Okay, months!

I got a Facebook message from one friend at the beginning of this month. He wrote: “Dear Facebook…. I think something’s happened to my friends James and Shilo… They haven’t posted ANYTHING on their blog in over a month…. I wonder who is feeding Taz??” I wanted to send a witty reply, but couldn’t think of anything in the moment!

And just today a girlfriend sent me an email saying, “I used to get your blogs but they stopped coming a few weeks back. Not sure if you are still doing them or not.”


I have several posts started but that was the final push I apparently needed to get logged on and to pour some of our latest adventures out into print.

Here it goes:

6Things I did NOT Know about Living by the Ocean Until we Arrived in Mazatlan

6. Everything rusts! Door knobs, ceiling fans, wrought iron railings, laptops (yikes!!!), reclining chairs and couches, electronics, appliances and more! So, I am glad that we are renting on the beach thus far, as it has been a huge eye-opener discovering what on-going maintanence really looks like living right on the ocean.

5. Nothing Stay the Same. Not the ocean currents, the sand on the shore, shell picking on the beach. Every day the space outside our home looks quite different. It is always an adventure when we go out for our daily walks, discovering what is new and wonderful on this new day here at the beach!

4.  Fog at the end of February / beginning of March is a sign of Spring! When the ocean currents change during the beginning of spring, it brings the cold waters of the Pacific ocean inland towards shore, which collides with the warm air of our Tropic region – thus bringing fog and the hallmark of Spring. Who knew!

3.  In May, the Pacific ocean currents change yet again signalling that summer is on its way. As the ocean water warms up more and more leading into summer, algae cannot survive in the warmer waters and die off. It washes onto shore and looks kinda like dirty dish soap bubbles on the sandy beaches. We are starting to see signs of this happening already. We are ready for spring & summer here too!

2. I can feel the humidity more at night than during the daytime. Since Calgary is so dry, the experience of humidity is a new one for me. Being here in Mazatlan over the winter (not snow, but cooler temperatures of 20 – 25 degrees C / low 70’s in F) opened my eyes to humidity… I know that doesn’t illicit sympathy, but hear me out!!! I didn’t know that as the sun sets, the humidity increases. Water holds the cold more than the air does. So, I have found myself in long sleeves and jeans more often than not, and always at night since early November. I was not expecting that. 25 degrees sounds so wonderful – I didn’t realize that is doesn’t FEEL like 25 degrees in the winter here. Who knew!

1. The ocean is best shared with wonderful friends! Every couple of weeks we have been blessed with company coming down and staying with us – which has been a delight! Our dear friends Jeanette & Emery took us under their wings when we first arrived (and continue to do so even now!) and showed us the ropes, introduced us to people and activities, adventures and all that Mazatlan has to offer. It has been so much fun “paying it forward” with seasoned friends and new ones.