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www.JamesAndShilo.comMore Notes From Shilo’s laptop on Friday morning…!

We have had several visitors come and stay with us since we arrived at the end of October.

Most recently at the beginning of March, David’s mom Kim (James’ ex) came to stay for a week. And it worked out great. Kim loves the sun and her skin tans fast, so I glow in the dark (I’m so white!) standing next to her at the best of times. Even with the color I have gotten since arriving, I still look incredibly pale next to her, she tans so fast! Plus, she brought lots of recipes and cooked for us – I was in heaven, not having to do meal planning or preparation for a week!! Loved it!

Plus, after Kim had been here for several days, I received a spontaneous call from my sister, Kim, letting me know that she was unexpectedly jumping on a plane and coming down for a few days as well.

So we had 2 Kim’s in the house! We had to call David’s mom “Kim” and my sister was called “Shilo’s sister” or “Fred” so we could keep them straight in our conversations!

What I loved most was having so many women around – the laughter, the stories, the fun. Those special nameless qualities that come when I spend time with other women. Having moved into the Bachelor pad with James and David (and Taz, the male dog) made me appreciate quality time with my girlfriends on a whole new level.

Kim, “Fred” and I went shopping, did lots of sight-seeing, went to a movie at the brand new theatre, went out for dinner, made scrumptious meals here at home, relaxed in the sunshine, enjoyed a day at the beach over at Stone Island, enjoyed pedicures and much, much more. Plus all 4 of us bought tickets for the theatre when they were both down – there was a wonderful presentation called 10 Pianos – it included 10 baby grand pianos, an electric guitar, an electric violin, a drumset and trumpet and ~10 singers and soloists. It was fabulous!

www.JamesAndShilo.comThey played classic American songs, classic Mexican ones, movie themes, top hits and romantic melodies loved in every language. It was one of those rare concets that moved me deeply on an emotional level and I didn’t want it to end.


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