The Mazatlan Movie Experience

Apr 16, 2012 by

www.JamesAndShilo.comJames and I do not watch TV, or even TV programs online. But we both love movies!

We download movies and watch them on our laptops, but for an evening out we will often go to the local Cineopolis Movie Theatre – they have regular movies as well as the new digital and 3D theatres here. Just like at home.

www.JamesAndShilo.comThe theatre is new, with plush reclining seats. You choose your seat number when you buy your ticket, just like in the new/remodelled theatres back home in Canada.

Plus the have some wonderful perks here that continue to marvel and delight us!


>> They have these really funky tray that hold your various drinks and treats – but they are designed to fit into the cup holders and can swivel back and forth from person to person – great for sharing!

>> www.JamesAndShilo.comPlus they have half-and-half popcorn!! You can get regular popcorn, light popcorn and carmel popcorn here… and they are so sphisticated that they have dividers for their popcorn containers, so people can (and often do – it’s a very popular thing down here) get half-and-half! Plus, then there are all the toppings that are available for the real popcorn coniseurs: jalipeno peppers, onions, hot sauces, ketchup (the Mexicans put TONS of ketchup on their popcorn – it’s a hugely popular condiment here in Mazatlan), butter topping and

The most amazing part is the price! Like with many things Mexican, movie tickets are a real steal of a deal. Movie tickets went up in price just last month from $39 pesos to $42 pesos. But even at the new price of $42 pesos, it’s only $3.50 Canadian! And 3-D movies are really expensive, with tickets costing ~ $50 pesos… $4 Canadian per ticket. I seem to recall those 3-D movies in Calgary being ~ $18 Canadian per ticket.

So, I remind James how lucky he is that I am a cheap date (on movie nights anyway!) – especially here in Mexico! LOL