The Lost Goose

Apr 10, 2012 by

From Shilo’s laptop on Tuesday, April 10th…

www.JamesAndShilo.comSo, James and I were out for a walk on the beach at sunset not long ago. We had Taz with us who was singularly focused on his ball, as only border collies can be. We had his leash with us, but he was not wearing it since he was chasing after his ball.

On our return trek, James and I notice a woman with something white in her arms. It takes a moment, but then we realize it is a bird – a goose! However, in the moment it takes us to recognize what she was carrying, Taz has spotted it and takes off towards her!

Next thing we know, the dog is barking and jumping up at this woman trying to get the goose – not to hurt it. For the chase and the lively fun of it all!

So James and I dash off towards this woman holding the goose and our dog madly jumping at her feet, barking like crazy stirring the woman and the goose into a massive frenzy! Taz is maneuvering at lightning speed so it seems impossible to get a good grip on him or on his collar. He dodges us with expert agility, all the while jumping up towards this goose and barking excitedly.

The woman doesn’t know us from Adam, nor would she know that Taz means her no harm. So she is shrieking just as loudly as the goose is! And she is tugging back and forth, whiping the goose from one side to the other, trying with valliant effort to keep the goose away from the dog barking and lunging at her.

Just as I am about to catch Taz by the collar, the goose lunges out and bites me! Yikes. So I stumble backwards. Not knowing what happened to me James says frantically, “Grab him, would you!!” Like I had somehow forgotten the entire purpose of us being there! Oh it was a sight to behold.  A true comedy live-in-action! Stumbling around in the sand, it almost felt like slow-motion.

Finally, James gets his hands on Taz and snaps him back on his leash. He reins him in so Taz can only stand at our side, despite his wriggling and low grumbling/half bark of objection.

Now that we all can finally catch our breath, we assure the woman that the dog is fine – he would not hurt her, he was simply enjoying the chase and the potential to “herd” something. The woman tells us then that she found the goose and she believes it is lost. So she is carrying it down the beach to the lagoon towards the end, next to the all-inclusive hotel, so that it can find its way home again.

We wish her luck and carry on towards our place. Tugging at Taz who is walking with us on his leash all the while looking backwards, hoping for an opportunity to escape and return to his merry chase!

When we get back to our place, I cannot help but laugh with incredulity at the whole situation! Thankfully, I was fine. The goose only nicked my shirt, but it was enough to surprise me… and caused me to step backwards to give it some respectful distance, even while I was attempting to catch Taz. James and I laugh and I shared my experience with him.

We chuckled in amazement that this woman was carrying a goose on the beach. Who’d have expected that?

And days later I am still pondering with great humour what the woman said to us… can a goose get lost? And would putting it back into water help it find it’s home?!

I’ll leave that one up to the Great Mystery.