Daily Miracle Sharing

Apr 13, 2012 by

www.JamesAndShilo.comWe had some wonderful news in March. A dear friend made a semi-last minute decision to come down to visit us. She was talking about it early one week, she had her flight booked later that same week and only a few days after that she was here! A miracle of divine timing among other things!

Suzanne is my daily miracle share partner. We talk almost everyday, as long as we’re “in town” (I say that loosely since I’m now in Mexico and she is in Calgary!).

Miracles take many different shapes:

  • shifts in perceptions,
  • new and peaceful ways of responding to difficult situations,
  • synchronicities,
  • peaceful moments,
  • connection with nature,
  • gifts,
  • being in the flow,
  • laughter, joy and fun.

Suzanne and I usually talk on the phone between 5pm and 6pm, daily. It is something that I look forward to each day. The practice of looking for the positives, looking for the miracles and being able to articulate them is very powerful. What we focus on and talk about, we bring more of into our lives. I have certainly witnessed this first-hand through my miracle sharing with Suzanne. We have been partners for 3 years now. That’s a miracle too!

We had a wonderful week visiting with Suzanne and the three of us had the opportunity to share our miracles in-person. Another miracle that came of it was in taking time to each share our miracles outloud with eachother. At one point, someone asked: “Why share miracles? You’re spending your time together doing the same things, so the miracles will all be the same.”

That was never our experience. Even as we (James, Suzanne and I) expereinced similar events, our perspectives are totally different, so each of us came away with different notices, different focuses, quite different miracles!

Best of all, sharing miracles always makes me feel great! Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂