Great News!

May 22, 2012 by

www.JamesAndShilo.comWe have found a new place to rent this winter when we return for another season of “SnowBirding”.

I love the divine flow & synchronicity of the universe!!

Of ourse, the place just dropped into our laps. It is fun to see the obvious synchronicity – it is a great reminder to me that it is happening all the time but I don’t often recognize it on an ongoing basis.

We were contemplating renting the same beachfront place that we are in this season, but the negotiations were becoming effortfull. A good indicator for us to lift our heads up and take another good look around. So we began having conversations with people about living in Centro. That had been our original plan anyway – to stay one season in Cerrritos (the beach district) and then next down in Centro so we could have the downtown “community” experience, where we can walk to everything.

One conversation lead to another, which lead us to meeting new people and spontaneously viewing some Centro places that are up for rent in the fall. We became quite clear very quickly about what didn’t work, making us all the more clear about what did!

www.jamesandshilo.comI ran into one of my newfound friends, Bonny, one evening at Cannucks (great live music!), and she invited us to stop by and see her place the next day. We were going to be in the area anyway, so it worked out. She showed us around her space, talked about what she loved about and her preparations for packing up for the season (they were returning to Canada 2 days later). Bonny was telling us about another place up for rent just around the corner, but she didn’t have the contact info for the people. So we decided to take a quick trip to see her friend Linda, who would have the contact info for these folks. No sooner had we rounded the corner, then Linda showed up walking towards us. Turns out Bonny’s friend Linda is a mutual friend – we met Linda and her husband Ralph early in the season, so it was a real treat to connect the dots! We went to Linda’s place only a block away to chat. While Bonny was asking for contact info, Linda turned and said to us, “You know that we’re moving so this place is available, right?” We didn’t know that. Linda’s place is a lovely little 2 story house in centro that was built in the late 1800’s, however they needed to relocate to a one-level, so their place was up for rent.

Linda raved about her landlord, Rudy, who was the best ever. His rent was reasonable and if you made any additions to the place that increased its value, he would deduct it off the rent (unheard of down here!). This really peaked James’ interest, especially. So we asked if we could tour the place… this time with a very discerning eye for details. I trusted James’ intuition – afterall, there is an angel above the front door. Is that a sign, or what?!?!

www.jamesandshilo.comThe long and short of it is that we met the landlord the very next day and arranged to pay our deposit a few days later. It was done! Ease and grace. The walls are cluttered with Rudy’s pictures and paintings, but he is totally okay with us taking everything down and making the space our own. There are great city views from the roof patio – a place that James will spend lots of time on!

So… now I have this super fun project!! Decorating the house!! I have never done that before. When I moved into James’ place it was already decorated. Here, I have white walls and a blank slate. I can hardly wait. I am going fabric shopping with Jeanette to see what I can do about the curtains before we leave, so those are ready for us in the fall. Yeah! The flury has begun!! 🙂 We’re going to decorate in Mexican colors and images.

Plus, we had a very cool opportunity to “pay it forward” by helping our friend’s John & Kathleen rent our current beachfront space for the fall – they love, love, loved our place when they came to visit at the end of April and are planning on coming down for the winter in the fall, which is super exciting (snowbirding is contagious!). Now we have the best of both worlds! We can enjoy being downtown… and when we want a break or to enjoy a beach day with some fabulous company (or to get away from the noise during Carnaval!), we can go and visit John, Kathleen and Freckles frolicking in Cerritos!

Miracles abound.