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www.jamesandshilo.comAs I mentioned in my last blog post “Returning to Canada“, the list of what to do to “summerize” your place looks different if you own a place down here, than if you are renting.

We’re renting, so our first order of the day was to find some amazing friends who would let us leave some things of our behind at their place over the summer, or to make arrangments with the landlord where we’re renting in the fall to see if we can leave things at the house over the summer – we did both!

Next is to make a check-list (which I am doing here!).

Also, we’ve done things like:

  • Create a list of what to bring back from Canada (that we already have but didn’t bring this time), what to buy in Canada and bring down, what to buy in the US on our drive back down and what we’ll want to purchase here when we get back.
  • Go through all of our things (yet again!) and purge, purge, purge! I didn’t think there was much of anything left to purge, but I gave away 3 shopping bags of clothing to my cleaning lady 2 weeks ago, so there you go!
  • Clothing and personal items left behind should be freshly laundered and packed into a plastic tub with a really good lid and then the tub needs to be duct-taped shut (humidity is a big issue here, especially over the summer months).

For those people who own their place, their list looks a bit different ~ longer. They may do all of the above, but they usually have many more additions to the list, including (but not limited to):

  • www.jamesandshilo.comEmery says” that putting vegetable oil in the toilets (and dishwasher!) helps prevent evaporation… and I’d have never thought of that one!
  • Putting rocks or heavy wieghts over the drains, vents etc so bugs and other creepy crawlys do not get in.
  • Covering air conditioner units, satalite dishes on the roof (if you have one).
  • Bringing all furniture and personal belongings inside – nothing left on outdoor balconies, decks or sitting areas.
  • Leave all sauces and spices in the fridge with the fridge set on the lowest level.
  • Pre-pay for you utilies for the summer months, or put them on “hold”.
  • Get the vehicle tuned up with an oil change and ready for the long drive back.
  • Arranging your cleaning lady (or someone) to come by weekly or biweekly to check the place, water the plants etc.
  • Have an idea of what you are declaring at the border and have your recipts organized and handy, just in case (good call, Jeanette!).
  • Then book hotels for the drive home and enjoy the ride!!

The other thing we learned (thanks, Joan!) is to start 4 or 5 days early, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Also, whether you own your place or are leaving stuff somewhere, make sure it is put up and away from any water sources (it can flood in the summer with the heavy rains).

Who’d’ve thought?!?!

We’ll get started “soon”, right now I’m off to the pool!