Family Fun

Jul 29, 2012 by

www.jamesandshilo.comJuly marked our now annual trek east to Winnipeg, Manitoba and then on to Lake of the Woods, Ontario.

www.jamesandshilo.comIt is a great opportunity for family reconnections~ to visit James’ dad who is now 91 years old! And his sister Brenda and her husband Charles. We always have such a wonderful time catching up. A lot happens for everyone in a year!

In recent years, only James and I have gone east; David remained in Calgary due to commitments he had there. But this year was a real divine synchronicistic treat. David is working in the IT department of a major construction company and they are updating software in all of their offices, so David and several others are being flown from office to office to complete the upgrading process. So while we were down east, David flew into Winnipeg on a Sunday night to work for a week in that office. And – miralce of miracles – his work was done in only 2 days instead of 5. He wasn’t due to fly back to Calgary again until the following Monday, so he caught a ride with a dear friend out to the lake where we were staying and spent a long 5-day weekend with us.

I  love that synchronicity – it reminds me that divine timing is at play all the time… and sometimes I notice it!

www.jamesandshilo.comOn our Monday trip back into Winnipeg the day David flew out, we stopped to see his grandpa for another wonderful visit. It was a delight to see all 3 of them together – to see how some of the Downie mannerisms are generational!

I love that, as busy as our summer is, we still create family moments together. A few minutes, a few hours or a few days – we always make time to be with each other. That too is a miracle.