What Happens At The Cottage…

Aug 4, 2012 by

www.jamesandshilo.comFrom Shilo’s laptop in early August, just home from the lake…

It’s almost like Las Vegas out at Lake of the Woods!

At least when we go to visit Glen and Charlotte and their family!  The “What happens at the cottage stays at the cottage!” sign hangs on their porch wall as a smiling tribute to all of the amazing memories made each summer out at the lake. And we are blessed to be a part of that.

We have so much fun with them. James has known Glen and Charlotte since before they started dating, and their kids are in their mid-teens now! www.jamesandshilo.comOf all of the amazing people in James’ life that I have had the great fortune of marrying into, Charlottle stands out. She welcomed me so quickly, so warmly and with such sincere and heartfelt affection that I feel like I just melted into her family, right along with James. <3

So, going out to visit them for several weeks each July has quickly become an annual tradition and something that both of us look forward to!

Last summer we stayed for 2 weeks, but it was broken up – a week, then we had to go back into Winnipeg for 5 days and then we were back at the lake for another week. Just before we left, Charlotte told us we weren’t allowed to come back this year for less then 2 consecutive weeks!

So this summer, we stayed for 3 solid weeks! And as the departure date drew close she told us it was too soon to go and that we needed to stay longer. She’s so sweet. A miracle in our lives for sure. 🙂

www.jamesandshilo.comCharlotte has an open door policy just like I do. The more the merrier. So at the lake, that looks like even more company visiting regularly. We got to see Perry (left) and Darlene (Glen’s brother and sister-in-law), his brother Brian and a host of great friends. We BBQ’d many meals, packed picnic’s, went on long boat rides and played in the lake on a regular basis. We watched sunsets, kicked back in glorious beannie bag deck chairs and watched the waves of the water, not to mention we found a fair amount of trouble to get ourselves into! Every day we laughed and laughed.  🙂

James even stayed on his regular cleansing schedule, which I am super proud of him for. It’s tough being on a cleanse day when everyone else is eating homemade Butter Chicken right in front of you, but he did it!

We did really well this year getting out for regular walks. There are activities that are cornerstones to our wellness and way of being but amnesia can sometimes set in especially when we are with others. So often in the past, we have just let go of what works for us to match the activities of the group… often leaving out the things that most serve us, like getting in a long walk daily. This summer, we were much better at looking after ourselves as well as having fun with the group. There’s progress!

Being at the lake, spending lots of  time in nature, and being with great friends is good for the soul.