Termites Welcomed Us Back

Oct 31, 2012 by

www.jamesandshilo.comWe arrived back in Mazatlan on October 10th this year.

It was a fun, effortless drive down filled with lots of connection and catching up! We stayed with David’s mom Kim twice, with Stephen and Sonora in Langley, BC for several weeks, with Jill and her family in North Vancouver for many days, and caught up with Jim and Diane in Las Vegas for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. And a super fun evening in Henderson with Sandy from our Mastermind group. SO much love in so few days. How lucky are we!!

We are excited to spend this season in el Centro (downtown) Mazaltan, walking distance to so many activities and people that we love.

However, a few days after we arrived, it became apparent that there were some challenges with our furnished rental home. The romantic idea of it being built in the late 1880’s wore off quickly, as reality set in. We had BUGS! Termites to be specific. Not to mention rotting wood furniture, coming apart at the joints from shear humidity and age.



Over the space of about 10 days, we tossed out 2 love seat couches, 3 chairs, a bed frame and also ended up ripping out 2 upper cupbaords in the kitchen that were also beyond salvation. I wasn’t sure what it would look like getting rid of furniture.

  • Did we have to drive it over to the garbage dump?
  • Was there pick-up service like back home in Calgary?

But to our amazement, our amazing friend Jeanette (aka the “oracle”!!) told us to simply put the items we did not want out on the street. No matter what condition they were in. She assured us the items – no matter what they were, nor what condition they were in – would be taken away in no time.



I admit I was skeptical. The furniture was in rough shape and the cupboards were literally falling apart from termites! So we started with the 2 love seats and matching chair – out they went one night before bed.

Sure enough, by the  morning they were gone. I was shocked!

Next went the kitchen cupboards – they disappeared within a couple of hours. A few days later we put the bedframe out. Someone came along and ripped off the support boards, leaving only the frame. I was shocked again. That left the frame – what were we going to do with that?!?! And yet, within a few more hours the bed frame minus the support boards disappeared too.

We donated 2 more chairs to the outdoor parking guy next door and voila! Our house felt like a totally different space already!

In the midst of this purge, we also let go of the current cleaning lady (she was in her 70’s and couldn’t see well enough to do a good job anymore) and hired someone new.  Lupita is my new cleaning angel and although she doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak much Spanish (yet!!!), we are getting along great and figuring things out as we go. The house is spotless when she leaves and Thursdays (cleaning day) are my new favorite day of the week!



Once the furniture was out, we decided to take down all of the (ugly) paintings off the wall and slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls on the main floor. We thought they were already painted white, but upon a clsoer inspection we realized that they were actually a grey color which added to the general dark, dirty feeling of the place. I am always amazed at what a difference one coat of paint makes in a room!

Then, on a daring adventure to the Juarez Market ( a giant 12+ block flea market) one Sunday morning with another wonderful friend “Queen Irma”, we found a couch, love seat and chair set that was perfect. It was a steal of a deal – the entire set, delivered to our doorstep, was less than $160 CDN! It required some scrubbing with tons of cleaner and bleach, but they look perfect now and fit right in with our new decor!www.jamesandshilo.com




Nov 6th UPDATE…

I tell you, there is nothing like a deadline. My mom was our first visitor and she arrived on Monday, November 5th so we pushed HARD to get everything complete and tidied up before she walked in the door. The new bedframe was purchased the very morning she flew in and the painting was completed just minutes before we left to go to the airport to pick her up!

But it all got done. And then the miracle was that we too could relax and enjoy the space once Mom was here. It worked out perfectly (aside from a few frantic days and the occassional meltdown!). www.jamesandshilo.com

Now it’s Margarita time! 🙂