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This inspiration arrived in my Inbox a few weeks ago and has stayed with me since I read it. I love how succinct and yet expansive Carol’s messages are. Enjoy!


By Dr. Carol Carnes

“Dear friends,

Ernest Holmes, the founder of modern New Thought, made this life-altering statement: “every idea that enters into my consciousness is assimilated in the flow of Divine Life (or pure Intelligence), is harmonized through its unity with and is directed by that Intelligence.” Think about this.  Your idea which harmonizes with the original impetus of Life; to love, prosper, express and live vitally, is absorbed, as it were, into that pre existing flow, which is moving from the unformed stage into the dimension of space time reality where it becomes form and experience.

Simply put, our part is to work in the realm of ideas, not to day dream, but to put ourselves in harmony with Lifes intention. It is at the level of self identity that this holds power.  For example, an idea which I work with for myself is this;  Everything I do prospers me in all good ways and everything that prospers me, prospers others.  I am the Way In for the Divine flow of love, prosperity, vitality, Joy, Peace and Creative Intelligence to be fully revealed. 

That is a long way from seeing myself as a victim, a damaged child in a big body, a loser, or just settling for the least amount of everything, thinking I am somehow helping the world.  False modesty is not humility.  Humility is feeling the immense power of our own mind, knowing it is a very small outlet for the One mind which is flowing ever steadily through that which it has personified.  Say this: “I am the personification of Pure Intelligence and Absolute Love.”  Work with these ideas daily. Instead of wanting more and trying to visualize being rich or healthy, reaffirm your rightful place in the Creative Process.

That which belongs with us, by right of our self awareness, cannot be kept from us.

Stay tuned in,

Dr. Carol Carnes

The Ernest Holmes quote is form a new book, Your Spiritual Power, a compilation of Holmes talks. It is published by Tarcher Penguin.”

Image source: Sound of Love.