My Very First Video

Feb 15, 2013 by

www.jamesandshilo.comWell, here we go. Drum roll, please…

My first – terrible, VERY beginner – video has arrived. No perfectionism allowed. No editing. No make-up ~ yikes!

Lots of learnings though. Giving myself permission to:

  • be an ameteur/beginner,
  • make mistakes,
  • look silly,
  • sound muddled,
  • and still have Fun! 🙂

So here it is: Video #1. Tip #1.

Mark your calendars, please! This is definitely a monumental occassion for me!

…………………..{shaking my head, chuckling at myself}

Do I flutter my eyelashes like that all the time????!!!! lol

Click the image below to watch:




Here are my biggest Learnings:

  • having a clear concise beginning and ending is important;
  • remember that all kinds of things get reflected in a mirror – stay away from them whenever possible!
  • de-frizzing hair product is definitely on tomorrow’s shopping list;
  • powder, powder, powder! Always wear make-up and do my hair for making videos, even if I am just playing around – I never know when something will come together, and I want to look my professional best! {grin}

Thanks for being on this “learning curve” with me!



video link: