Travelling Tip for Women

Feb 26, 2013 by

www.jamesandshilo.comOkay, let’s try this again…

Video #2 is a Travelling Tip for Women. This one thing makes ALL the difference for me when I am out and about around town in a foreign country.



Round two = more learnings!

  • Having a buddy to create videos with is not just helpful, it’s imperative! We have time blocked into our schedules every week and being accountable to Linda ensures that I get these videos done. Thanks, Linda!
  • I am a visual person, so props work for me and help me stay focused!
  • Being visual, I also discovered that taking a picture of myself is more helpful than just looking in the mirror – I “see” more clearly how I will look in the video. This helped me decide what colors to wear, changes to make to my jewelry/make-up, changes I wanted to make to my environment (some things in the room are NOT meant to be on camera!) etc. “A picture says a thousand words” is true!
  • Wow, does this process ever inspire me to get super susinct about my message, especially knowing I have to keep it under 60 seconds!  lol
  • A mic is mandatory – I cannot believe the difference it makes!
  • My mic cap (the little black foam piece) blew away in the ocean breeze last week and I am still on the hunt for a new one. Those are not easy to find in Mazatlan – who knew?!

Thanks for coming along on this learning process with me!




  1. Great job Shilo! It’s so much fun to share this learning experience with you. I’ve shared on my Facebook and Twitter accounts – good stuff for any woman who travels.

  2. Great job Shilo…