Eating Foreign Fruits & Veggies

Mar 6, 2013 by

When our friends and family come to Mazatlan, they always ask about how safe the fruit and produce is to eat. This video is about the “Magic Ingredient” that allows foreigners to enjoy the region’s bounty with peace-of-mind and a calm stomach!



Latest learnings from making this video –

Linda and I got together to make videos this past week and I feel like I’ve turned a positive corner. Yeah ~ This is getting FUN! 🙂

When I made my first video, it was stressful and I was freaking out a bit (okay, a lot!).  It felt a lot like work – like a “have to” instead of a “want to”. Well, we howled with laughter on Wednesday making these latest videos and laughter helps!

3 videos were completed in only a few short hours… which may not sound like much, but there are often 10 to 20+ “takes” before I “get it right”!

The above video took me 14 takes!

{wait until you see the gag reel – coming soon… after I figure out video editting!}



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  1. Great video Shilo. Really useful tips for travelers who may be concerned about eating locally when they travel. So pleased to have been part of the video making – it’s a learning journey for both of us!