Crossing Over

Apr 30, 2013 by  We have arrived back in Calgary and it was a fabulous and effortless trip!

We set out from Mazatlan in the wee hours of pre-dawn on April 21st and were intending on stopping in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico the first night (a 9-hour drive), but when we arrived in the mid-afternoon we decided that it was worth it to continue on the last 3 hours to the border. We still had energy to burn. Although we were exhausted at the start of the day from the previous days packing and final preparations to leave, napping while the other was driving gave us our “second wind” and by lunchtime we were full of energy, laughter and enjoyment of the drive. I am so grateful that James and I still like spending time together!

We forgot that the US/Mexico border closed at 9pm, but arrived 50 minutes before it did so and sailed through the crossing in only 25 minutes. It was much quieter than we expected, being a Sunday night. The first night we stayed in Nogales, AZ and it felt great to be back on US soil. The next morning, we activated our US cell phone, did some shopping and took advantage of our leisurely 3 hour-drive to Phoenix where we were meeting friends, Stephanie & Al Blackbird, for

Driving in Canada and the US is SO civilized!!! Everyone stays in their own lanes, most people signal when they lane-change, if it’s a single turning-lane then only one lane of cars makes the turn! It took us a few hours to adjust to the change in pace of the drivers. 🙂

Driving from Phoenix to Henderson, NV was a breeze and our beloved border collie, TAZ, was reunited with his new girlfriend Vivee! Thank you, Sandy, for making us feel so welcome. We look forward to staying for longer next time.

The fourth day of driving took us through Salt Lake City on to Pocatello, ID. It was our first sighting of “white stuff” and James was quite determined that it wasn’t a four-letter-word, the white stuff were in fact FLOWERS! Apparently high-altitude flowers… the flower sightings continued off and on all the way to Kalispell, Montana. We stayed with friends (James’ ex-wife Kim and her husband) for 2 nights which gave us time to catch up on sleep and relax a bit from the long days of driving. Taz stayed in Montana with Kim, and although it was very difficult to leave him behind, we know he’s in good hands while we’re away overseas. He has stayed with Kim every summer for several years and enjoys herding her 2 dogs, Foxie and Dudley. We’ll swing by and pick up TAZ on our way back to Calgary when we return from our Philippines/Indonesia trip.

www.jamesandshilo.comLeaving Kalispell this past Saturday morning, we headed for the US/Canadian border via Highway 2. The “white flower” sightings increased at an alarming rate until finally James exclaimed, “#@?* it, they’re not flowers Honey! It’s SNOW. I can’t deny it any longer… it’s that dreaded 4-letter word and there’s nothing I can do about it!” It doesn’t sound quite as funny retelling it now as it was in the moment – perhaps we were so tired and ready to arrive back in Calgary that we were giddy. lol

Given that the drifts of snow were higher than the Durango by the time we arrived at the border crossing, there was no doubt!

Although we drove through quite a severe wind storm from about 30 miles south of the border all the way to High River, the border crossing was super simple and over-all the trip was effortless.

We’re staying at my sister’s condo and having a lot of fun!

It is wonderful to see friends and family again, although I was surprised to notice within myself that Calgary no longer feels like “home”. I am not sure Mazatlan does yet, but Calgary is all about the people now and not the locale. Change happens.

First priority – new my passport. Then we’re off on our next adventure: Manila, Philippines for 2 weeks ~ it’s our marketing mastermind grand-finale trip and we are both looking forward to the experience!

Hopefully by the time we have returned at the end of June, spring will finally have decided to make an appearance here in Calgary!

Stay warm!