2 more sleeps!

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June 25/08 – TWO MORE SLEEPS!!!


Things are coming together beautifully!! Flowers are being picked up today and Kim, David’s mom, and my Mom, Wendy and I are arranging them tomorrow & Friday! Kim, my new soul-sister, has been the most amazing source of support, love, laughter, grounding, celebration and important reminders like: “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and “Enjoy the journey!”

We had a slight delay in my wedding band – it looked beautiful but the original one couldn’t be sized without the possibility of cracking the diamonds… so we went back to the store and I chose another band. It is even more stunning and I am SUPER excited about it!! It arrived by fed-ex yesterday late afternoon and we dropped it off to be sized today – it will be ready late tomorrow afternoon! Great timing, if I do say so myself! LOL

Dave Stewart, our co-best man and the MC for our receptions, came by and whipped James and I into shape for the reception plans yesterday! Thank you Dave!!!

Our programs are being printed and folded.

Cute story – James and I met with Ed on Sunday to discuss the ceremony and we talked about programs, so Ed loaned us a couple of examples to use. So, we came home (this is 5 sleeps before the wedding!!) and I was consulting these while creating ours and got to the line where everyone names… Ushers…! Hey! Those would be good to have at the wedding with over 300 guests at the ceremony! We hadn’t even thought of it! So, with a few phone calls Jose, Dave, Chuck and George all rose to the occasion and rescued us! Watch for these handsome men greeting you at the door, giving you a program, and accompanying you to your seat at the ceremony!

Everything is on track for the rehearsal tomorrow night. Dinner is at 6pm and church logistics is at 7:30pm – hall decorating to follow!

We had a brainstorm 8 sleeps before the wedding to create a special offering to share with our guests at the receptions, so in a mad scurry we gathered together all of the materials and rounded up another host of volunteers on Monday night to assemble these cool, unique gifts! My special heart-felt thank you to: Tracy, Deb, Christine, Chuck, Kari, Linda, Cathie & Jenn, Roni and my sister Kim!! Stay tuned at the reception for yours…

The tuxes are in! The dress is ready to go! My out-of-town bridesmaids are flying in tonight and tomorrow! Our stunningly handsome groomsmen are geared up and ready to go! All is well and good in the Downie household.

David has been writing grade 9 exams this week, so in addition to the wedding excitement that has been an added layer to the unfolding. Fortunately, he wrote Math today, his last final exam and is now a free man!

I am sure there is tons more to update you all on, but I am having a wedding-brain-lapse in this moment!

Have a delightful, delicious day and we look forward to celebrating with you in only 2 more sleeps!!

All our love & gratitude,
:) James and Shilo

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