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Jun 11, 2008 by

June 11/08

There are lots of things that are unfolding for the wedding and a couple of things that I need some help with!!

First, I need some support around wedding songs – romantic songs that can be played/sung at the opening of the ceremony when people are being seated, during the processional, and at the closing as people are filing out! Please email me a list of romantic songs – both classical/traditional and modern/contemporary.

I am also brainstorming some additional songs that I want to have played during the receptions – I am still holding out hope that my friend’s son will email his music to me, so your energy and prayers supporting that are appreciated!! – and I want to add some personal touches too! So any favorites that you know have gone over well at other people’s weddings are welcome! Please email them to me, or burn them to CD and bring them to the rehearsal with you!

I have paid the deposit for the flowers, which was another miracle. It turns out that the woman who is over-seeing my order is an old-time friend of mine (Kelly trained me when I first started serving at Boston Pizza when I was 19!!). I feel very comforted that my flowers are in good hands!

James and I have picked up our wedding certificate, so that is cool. Everything’s legal!! (grin)

Our wedding bands are in and I especially love James’ ring- it looks stunning on him! I am ecstatic that he loves it!

I went in for minor surgery yesterday – I had a mole removed from the far edge of my left cheek, right beside my ear. I was expecting it to be classified as cosmetic surgery and that I would have to pay $200+ to have it done, but once there I mentioned that it occasionally bleeds, which is sufficient reason to have it classified as medical and so it was free! Another miracle! The consultation and the surgery took less then 10 minutes total, to my amazement! Dr Beverage in Marda Loop is amazing!! I have 3 small stitches which will need to be removed next week and it can easily be concealed with make-up at the wedding if there is still any redness. I am pleased at how effortless and graceful the process and procedure was (despite a few last minute panics!). (grin!)

We heard from the caterer this morning and he is calling back this afternoon to confirm numbers. We have over 300 people attending the ceremony, 208 attending the Friday night reception and 104 attending on the Saturday night. I am excited – and relieved that the RSVP part is over now!! My many blessed thanks goes out to 2 ladies in my Mastery meeting, Colleen and Farhana, who made dozens of calls each to follow-up with those who we hadn’t heard from either way!

At a Warrior Sage volunteer appreciation event on Sunday, James spoke to the VP, the fabulous Stephen Garrett, who has given us permission to borrow all of their colorful Saris to use to decorate the reception halls, which I am over the moon about. We will stay for a little while after the rehearsal on Thurs the 26th to do the decorating, which I expect will be super easy! Many hands make light work!!

I am pleased to announce that I have already completed all of my Thank You cards from the wedding showers. I feel so blessed by the abundance bestowed upon us by loving and supportive friends. I can’t wait to share with you all of my new and wonderful treasures!

There have been so many MIRACLES in this process – we are So blessed by the genuine, loving and supportive people in our lives. James and I thank you all, from the bottom of our full hearts.

See you at the wedding! :) Shilo & James

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