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May 4, 2008 by

May 4/08

OK, since my last update on April 22nd – we had our Engagement Party on Sat April 26th and it was an absolute BLAST!! We have over 50 people pass through the house that evening and the entertainment was hysterical! Everything from professional artists, to studious shower singers, dancers, blessings and a friend who dressed in drag to offer a special “out of the box” offering for us – it was so much fun!!


Because my wedding dress needs a new zipper I have been open to suggestions on where to get it fixed. Turns out that Holly, a friend through the Initiate School, has been dedicatedly following her seamstress around town as they have moved from one location to another, over the years. She can take this woman a picture of an outfit and she can create it fitting perfectly! And you will NEVER guess where this lady’s shop is now located… just guess!… two blocks from my house in the little mall with the Mac’s store!! Can it be any easier or more convenient then that!! I love it! I will make an appt with this seamstress this week.

James and I went down to Home Depot yesterday and ordered all of the materials that we need for our back deck – YEAH!! We are building an upper deck off of the double doors from our master bedroom and a lower deck for the BBQ and (future) patio furniture. Plus, we also bought all of the bricks and blocks for a patio area beneath the kitchen window (home of my future hot tub) and for another patio-ish area directly west off of the deck for the fire pit. I cannot tell you HOW excited I am about this! We have a HUGE backyard and I am excited that we can start spending time in it now! The materials are being delivered on May 22nd and a dear friend Kevin, who is a professional framer by trade, is coming over to build it with James on Sat May 24th & Sun May 25th – how cool is that?!

Wedding invitations are all out – if you haven’t received yours, contact Mom for an update.

We have also organized the Bridal Showers – Kim will be sending out those invitations via email shortly, so watch your InBox!
We have confirmed the catering for both receptions – they will come in, set up, serve the food and refills, take care of beverages and the drink fountain, clean up and tear down. They are supplying all of the dishes needed and I don’t have to wash a single thing!! YEAH!! They are also plating the cakes as needed and taking care of all of those details. Effortless – I love it!

We have purchased both cakes – the one for the Friday night reception is from Cake Works and it is color matched to the trim on my dress! Fun and giggles. The cake for Saturday night’s reception is from The Marble Slab in Shawnessy – we have 4 ice cream cakes: turtle, chocolate w Skor, raspberry cheesecake and pinacolada with fresh fruit. Again, this process was SO easy; we had it all done in less then an hour!

So this beautiful theme continues: effortless wedding planning and logistics! Stay tuned for further updates, photos and info!!

:> Shilo & James

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