Wedding Miracles

Apr 22, 2008 by

April 22/08

I am thrilled to announce that I found the PERFECT dress!! That is my MIRACLE today!! Cathie, Kim and I set out to try dresses on. Turns out you need 4-6 months to do a regular order for a wedding dress these days, so we switched into creative solutions mode!! AMAZINGLY enough, it turned out to be the VERY FIRST DRESS I TRIED ON!!! I tried on about 15 others just to make sure, but it was the one and we knew it right away. Cathie burst into tears as soon as she saw me in it, which I knew was a great sign!! The other miracle is that the dress fits PERFECTLY – no alterations needed!! We broke the zipper accidentally at the store, so I need to have a new one put in, but otherwise it fits perfectly – no need to take it in, or tweak or anything! I love it!!!

A special friend of the family is a former professional florist and she has volunteered to come to Calgary a day early and arrange the flowers for the wedding – WOW! THANK YOU, KIM!! All we need to do is purchase flowers and buy ribbon. YEAH!!

We have contracted a caterer and I am SUPER excited about my decision to have a sugar-and-flour free (except for the wedding cake!) wedding reception. This is a wellness choice and we have the perfect caterer because it din’t phase them it at all!! We meet with them 04/23 to discuss what kinds of trays we will put out at each receptions.

Becasue we have SO many special people that we want to share our magical day with, we have decided to invite everyone to the ceremony on Friday, June 27th, 2008 and then have 2 seperate wedding receptions.

The reception on Friday night at the church after the ceremony is where family, church family and friends of the family will celebrate together. The second reception is being held on Saturday, June 28th at 7pm and is where all of our personal development friends will gather to celebrate in Mastery style!

My next task is to send out electronic invitations to our special friends – I want to have that done within the next week, so watch your In Boxes!! is up and running!! Check it out – I am open to any suggestions on what else to include!! I will add a subscription box and other fun accessories later this week!!

We are currently shopping for the 2 wedding cakes. So many to choose from!

James and I met with Ed, our minister, on Wednesday last week, which was FUN! He has emailed us a template for the ceremony with tons of different options in it, so all we need to do is go through it and decide on how we want it to look. EASY!!

We have confirmed the wedding party, and now that I have my dress (which is an unexpected color) I am brainstorming on how to “match” the bridesmaids with the grooms – more creative solutions to come!!

As with everything else we do, we are having fun in the process! Stay tuend to the site for additional updates and celebrations!!

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